The Hokey Cokey boat….. in, out, in, out…

Apparently my writing isn’t as good as Sarah’s so I have gone for a more visual format. In this butting together of random video clips we have an introduction to the oldest bull ring in Spain at Ronda from our glamorous tour guide; the tale of FOUR boat lifts, culminating in a new propeller shaft in Soller; the Garucha lifeboat in action towing in some bonkers sailors who had put to sea in a gale; a quick glimpse at the fantastic Almeria food market that doesn’t really do it justice, it is fabulous; and Sarah’s thoughts on our longest passage to date, the 75 mile hop across to Ibiza.  Finally some dolphins, we have seen so many and have so much footage I just had to use it. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “The Hokey Cokey boat….. in, out, in, out…”

  1. Great to see you in person/people 🙂 and to get to enjoy those dolphins; amazing and great choice of music! Was quite worried at the beginning that you might not have remembered all those facts about the arena and have ended up on the naughty step with Genevieve but no, well done that woman!!!! Sending lots of love xxx

  2. Absolutely wonderful. The footage at the end is amazing. Please let Genevieve known, however, that she will have competition for the hot spot on the naughty step once Jojo arrives 🙂

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