Ten steps to skiing off into the white yonder


Ski Bums; Ski Skipper and Ski Mate.
  1. Check out the various ski job websites and decide what jobs you’d be interested in doing. There are loads of short term contract jobs with ski companies in the Alps. Everything from cleaning, chalet hosting, nanny-ing, accounting, maintenance, driving, supervising, resort managing, bar work, hotel reception, housekeeping and more.
  1. Ask around among ski friends and your children’s friends and see which ski companies they recommend.
  1. Apply.
  1. Tell all your friends and family that you’re intending to take the ten steps to skiing in the white yonder, so you can’t back out. Laugh off comments doubting whether we will be able to stay awake whilst serving dinner, keep up with the youth on nights out or be pleasant and cooperative with ALL customers and guests; not to mention management and other staff.
  1. Accept the job and turn up at the appointed date and time to catch the coach and drive the seventeen hours to your resort with all your colleagues. Trying not to think about the fact that you considerably bring up the average age of the team!
  1. Arrive in the resort and launch yourselves into the training programme with enthusiasm, aiming not to answer all the questions during input from the trainers and thereby appearing too keen or know it all.
  1. Set about the deep cleaning programme with vigour. Hairs out of plug holes, gunk out of loos, grease off the oven.   All the time getting fitter as you jog up and down stairs because the item you need is on one of the other FOUR floors of the chalet.
  1. Sort linen; lots of it. Try to recognise by feel and sight the difference between singles, doubles and king size sets.  Identify the difference between a spa towel and a bath towel! Make beds with hospital corners.
  1. Do three trolley loads of shopping. Move it from trolleys to check out, from check out to trolley, from trolley to crates, from crates to van, from van to chalet and from chalet to cupboards! Start prepping piles of cakes and food for first guests.
  1. Shattered – on first day off in days – collect your season lift pass and head to the hills for some well-deserved skiing! Enjoy the sunshine and scenery and marvel. Now you know why you signed up for a season.

    The View of the Isere valley

Once we are in the routine, we reckon that there will be four ski days out of seven.

Half days on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and a full day on Wednesday. So between 15 and 20 hours a week, every week for twenty weeks of the season.

In addition, we have accommodation provided, bills paid and a little bit of pocket money at the end of the month, plus (hopefully) tips (of a monetary nature) from generous guests.

Really; it’s a no brainier!

Blue the Bear on a mountain top












3 thoughts on “Ten steps to skiing off into the white yonder”

  1. Great to hear how it is going. You’ll be as fit as a butchers dog by the time you are finished

    Sounds like you are getting to grips with it. Happy 2017 all love Paula

  2. Why on earth wouldn’t you do it?!!
    Need to consider new things
    Have inadequate language skills or skiing abilities but I’ll keep reading!!!

    1. What are you waiting for? Loads of work for physio’s / sports masseurs in the Alps and I suspect it pays a little better than chalet host. French is not a problem, Ian is surviving with ten words of French and a northern accent!

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