Steps to sailing off into the Blue Yonder

Boat under sail1. Tell everybody you know what it is that you intend to do, then it’s more difficult to back out.

2. Start downsizing some of the clutter of life.

3. Send the hens on an extended holiday but don’t tell them they aren’t coming back. (Thanks Alice and Ian Daggett)
4. Finally get round to finishing those household jobs and repairs that you have been putting up with and putting off.
5. Spruce up the house and garden ready for rental.

6. Find someone who would like to rent in the house for a long and goodly while.

7. Find some eager and reliable people to hold the fort back home.

8. Start packing….

things for storage;

things for garage;

things for shed;

things for daughters;

things for boat;

things for winter;

things for trips home;

things for trips;

things for skiing ( if we are kindly invited!)

9. Make sure friends and family know that they are more than welcome to come and stay.

10. Set up a blog and start posting stuff!

11. Find the right yacht, in the right place and buy it at a price we can afford!!!

12. Do it all!!!!!!!

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