Other blogs

Since starting to plan our sailing jaunt we have come across lots of sailing and travel blogs. Here’s a selection of the one’s we followed for more than two installments:

Erin and Josh are travelling the world (not on a boat), you can follow their adventures by subscribing to their YouTube channel, The Travel Tapes. 

Our daughter Keira has just completed a year working in China, you can find out about her adventures here.

Both daughters, Keira and Erin, are travelling from China to the UK overland. You can follow the adventures of Twiglet and Noodle, two Yorkshire sisters out to meet the people and places of the world here.

Sailing Totem logoSailing Totem; Behan and her family have been sailing around the world since 2008. She writes well and has gathered together lots of useful info.

Vagabonde logoLa Vagabonde; These guys are bonkers, but living the dream. Riley bought a boat in Italy in March 2013, with no previous sailing experience. They have since crossed the Atlantic and are now cruising South America.


followtheboat logoEsper; This was one of the first blogs we came across as an Oyster 435 was on the shopping list and these guys were going through a complete re-fit. Post re-fit they are sailing the west coast of Thailand, an area we know well.