Marvellous Minorca. September 2020

After our lovely few days shore side in France we headed west down the coast and had some good sailing.  We reached the long spit of land of Hyeres which is a huge sandy anchorage with superb protection.  Just as well really as the wind was forecast to blow at 30kts of so for a good few days bringing with it some thunderstorms. 

Tucked in behind the flat-ish headland of Hyeres Plage we were well sheltered.  We just had to sit it out.  We had to re-anchor a few times because initially we were on weed, then too close to other boats, then too near to a sunken vessel!  (of which we subsequently found three others!  See Erin’s You Tube Channel; The Travel Tapes for dramatic footage of our time here.  

We spent a few lazy days here, stocked up on a few veggies and bread in the cute village of Hyeres Plage ashore and prepared for our crossing to Minorca.

We had a fast but lumpy and uncomfortable 18 hours sail for the crossing from France.   Then the wind died and we motored over flat seas. Despite it being perfect dolphin spotting weather, we saw nada!

We arrived early in the morning, slightly ahead of schedule to the mouth of Fornells Bay so we hove to until first light and then made our way into the anchorage.

After a rest we wandered (complete with compulsory face masks) into the charming village ashore and treated ourselves to a fabulous lunch.

We had some stormy and windy weather to sit out in this incredibly well protected bay and they duly came and went with some impressive light shows all around us but nothing too close.  Once the weather settled we planned to hire a car and explore the rest of Minorca.  We managed to see Mahon, Binabeca Nou, The south coast, El Toro mountain and Cuitadella.  We loved it. (See Erin’s video on The Travel Tapes on You Tube for some amazing footage of our day.)

We were particularly impressed to see the Minorca Cricket Club grounds.  (MCC) A beautiful patch of well-kept grass and pretty club house.


After a massive re-stock shop at the Eroski Supermarket we headed back to Linea just before dark.


















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