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Packing cases

Well, I am happy to report that today we have finalised renting the house out and are delighted that, not only do we have a fabulous tenant who is local to the area, but he also wants to continue with AirBnB which we have enjoyed doing over the last few months.

Check out his listing ‘Manor House, Linton-in-Craven’.

We are leaving all our furniture in the house and so the only change is Jon, who is a really fun and energetic host.  He will be only too delighted to offer advice to make your stay most memorable.

Also, today we found a lovely couple who are going to hold the fort with our rental properties.  Thank you to Abigail and Tom.

So, we are now at Step Number 8 already (although still working on home improvements) and its all becoming much more real. We are actually doing this.

So, to the packing…boxes needed!

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