Galley Equipment

The cutlery drawer

When we bought Linea I recall asking previous owner what equipment he was leaving in the galley. His reply was, ‘Everything that you will need!’

Indeed, so it has pretty much transpired.

We keep the plates in the bottom of the locker so that they can’t fly out when we are heeled over.

Plates, flat bowls, cereal bowls, side plates, mixing/serving bowls, (3), glass oven proof dish, coffee filter, mugs, glasses.

Plastic glasses for water, ramekins, small bowls for crisps, etc, stove top kettle, one large pan with lid, one small pan with lid, one heavy-based non-stick frying pan with lid, one pressure cooker, camping toaster, plastic sieve, egg cups.

Cutlery for all place settings, serving spoons, ladle, cheese grater, cheese slicer, potato smasher,

A potato smasher that makes great mash and hummus, and acts as a pestle for grinding spices.

wooden spoon, vegetable peeler, scissors, tongs, fish slice, spatula, slotted spoon, pasta spoon, whisk, spoon measures.

Sharp knives for chopping. Bread knife.

Cork screw, bottle opener, can opener, pastry brush.

Plastic bag clips, salad servers, large spoons, egg spoons.

Tea, coffee and sugar caddies, biscuit tin, muesli tin, tupperware-type boxes for butter, left overs, etc. Chopping boards, bread board. Non-slip tray.

Aluminium water bottles to have on deck, vacuum flasks for storing excess hot water from a boiled kettle, electric hot plate, electric kettle, soup whizzer, beer tin insulators, measuring jug – liquids, measuring jug – dried goods.

A lidl special – electric hot plate for when we are plugged into the electricity.

Sacrificial knife for heated rope cutting.

Fish scale remover, filleting knife,.

Magnetic silicone heat pads for protecting surfaces. Oven glove/cloth.