Favourite Fodder

Photo courtesy of Lucy!

Since starting this blog I had the best intentions of writing up every recipe to post with photos of the finished article. Although I began well, somewhere en route and in the ether, I have lost all the photos!

In their absence I have decided that I can procrastinate no longer!

So, here I will outline our favourite fodder in a more general way until my photos turn up!

Breakfast – Best meal of the day.

After a wonderful couple of weeks with Keira and Lucy my eyes have been opened as to the myriad of possibilities for a nutritious and power packed start to the day.

Porridge; taking care not to let it stick to the pan, (nightmare to clean the pan – but if it does stick just soak for a good few hours)

I always make it with one part oats to two parts milk and one part water. a generous pinch of salt for the Scottish twist on this warming comfort food.

Meusli; with yoghurt, dried fruit, nuts and seeds

Keira’s Overnight oats; meusli or plain oats soaked in any kind of milk, yoghurt, dreid fruit, seeds, honey, and cinnamon

Lucy’s Chia seed pudding; Chia seeds soaked overnight in milk (regular milk, almond, coconut, rice or oat) together with any dried fruit, spices and honey. Chia seeds can absorb nine times their original size. The endurance runners in the Mexico always fuel up with Chia seeds.

Lucy’s Banana Oats; overnight oats soaked with milk of your choice and a couple of smashed bananas, add seeds, dried fruit and berries etc for extra vitamins.

Granola; oats bathed in honey, maple syrup, a little olive oil are toasted in the oven and cooled and stored.

Yoghurt and fruit; I make my own yoghurt on board since mostly there is plenty of warmth in the summer sunshine to activate the good bacteria.

Boil the milk til it froths up, leave it to cool to body temp, place in a glass or plastic bowl and mix in one pot of active bifidous ‘starter’ yoghurt, (Activia is good) place in glass jam jars with lids and leave in a sunny spot.

To add an extra lift to all these delicious breakfasts, chuck in a few small pieces of crystallised ginger, which really peps things up.

Slices of apple, peach, nectarine and local berries add colour and crunch and are readily available around the Med.

Any version of eggs is also popular and if we are having boiled eggs I always cook a few extra to have in the fridge for snacking.


Lunch for us is usually a selection from any of these; tinned sardines, tuna, salami, prosciutto, tomato, feta, cream cheese, carrot, apple, bread and butter.

Sometimes we will eat up left overs from the night before – often cold.

I sometimes make pasta with pesto or an arrabbiata sauce

A cous cous salad; is so easy and filling. I put generous cup or two of cous cous in a large bowl and add a slug of olive oil. I cover with hot water and add cinnamon or dried mint aplenty. A good pinch of salt and ground black pepper. Then, I just search the fridge for a selection of crunchy veg that can be added. Throw in a handful of dried fruit for the cinnamon version or peas, and other green veg for the minted version for a yummy salad based lunch.

Pasta Salad; If I have left over extra pasta from the previous night I will bash together a 70s salad with a nod to my Mum who discovered pasta in that era. Just chuck in chopped crunchy vegetables with a simple olive oil and lemon dressing.

Spanish Tortilla; more commonly known as Kitchen-Sink Eggs.

Check out all the bits left in the bottom of the fridge or veg rack. It can be animal, vegetable or mineral! Just chop it up, fry it off in olive oil and add whisked eggs accordingly. Pop on a lid to cook it through. This is great with small cubes of potato, too, and a few chopped chillies! Of course, if you like chorizo, then that is the first ingredient. We have found it to be a staple larder ingredient.

Lucy’s Celeriac Salad; New to us but no less delicious and set to become a regular addition because celeriac lasts well in storage.

Chop thin slices of peeled celeriac, add apple slices or chunks, a handful of raisins, almonds or walnuts, lemon juice, olive oil, chunks of feta (or cream cheese mixed in with the oil and lemon before pouring over the veg.)

Water melon and Feta salad: As the name suggests. Easy.

Beetroot and dill salad: These two ingredients go together so well. Dried dill is just yummy with beetroot. We often add raw red cabbage and some tiny pieces of onion or spring onion to add more crunch. A handful of tinned lentils or chick peas will add a protein punch.

Carrot and coriander seeds; with lemon and olive oil

Potato Salad; with spring onion and mayonaise

Mixed bean salad; with balsamic and olive oil dressing and a few crunchy vegetables chopped and thrown in.

Lentil salad; with chopped veg and any dressing of your choice.

Fried Rice with veg and chillies; just fry off some onion, ginger and garlic in a heavy based frying pan, add a selection of finely chopped veg and cook through, add an extra slug of veg oil and throw in your cooked left over rice, stir rapidly and crack in an egg or two. Mix well so the egg doesn’t fully scramble. Serve and sprinkle with chopped chillies!

Ginger dressing; finely chopped fresh ginger, crushed with a clove of garlic some olive oil and lemon juice.

In cooler weather or on night crossings I make up a spicy bean and lentil soup so that we can help ourselves as needed during night watches.


Hummus; smashed chick peas with a good slug of olive oil, the juice of half a lemon, a teaspoon of cumin seed powder, a finely chopped chilli amd salt and pepper. served with vegetable batons and/or bread sticks of rye bread etc.

Pop corn; I always buy pop corn which I pop in a heavy based pan. Vegetable oil in a thin layer over the bottom of the pan, corn scattered to cover the base loosely. Heat with the lid on and within minutes the corn is jumping against the bottom of the lid. When the popping stops add a shake of salt and adjitate the pan. Serve straight away. (Pop corn also makes good fishing bait.)

Bread Bites; Bread with cream cheese and marmite.

Evening meal

Seared tuna steak

Mushroom stroganov; using fresh, dried of tinned mushrooms, dijon mustard, paprika and cream. Garnished with lots of chopped parsley and served with courgettes toasted in butter and rosemary.

Chick pea tagine; with apricots and carrots and lots of cinnamon. I also throw in a handful of red lentils to pad it out and thicken the sauce and add a protein punch.

Vegetable Chilli;


Keralan curry; with vegetables and desiccated coconut.

Madras curry; great with sweet potatoes or butternut squash or meat

Bean burgers; or beef burgers

Aubergine and cheese fries; dusted with flour they fry up nicely

Chick pea burgers; coated in breadcrumbs makes them manageable

Risotto; any kind of flavour, seafood, chicken, mushroom

Risotto Milanese with saffron and cheese;

Moules Marinere; onions, garlic, wine, cream…mussels = YUM!

Barbecued vegetables; aubergine slices, courgettes, stuffed mushrooms, and sweetcorn on the cob

Puttanesca Pasta; olive oil, salted anchovies, garlic, onion, tinned tomatoes, chillis chopped, black olives, and loads of chopped parsley.

Pasta carbonara; with egg and cheese and some salami or ham chopped in.

Chicken in a white wine sauce; onion, garlic, chicken, white wine, some stock and cream

Pork tenderloin fried with a tarragon sauce

Pan cooked Pizza; I read about this method on the blog of Kittiwake…I tried it and it was brilliant. So much better than having the oven onSo thanks to them and here is how you make delicious stove top pizzas.

Place a couple of tortilla wraps in the bottom of your heavy based non stick frying pan, cover in your favourite toppings, put the flame to the lowest level possible, gently heat your pizza and firmly place the tight fitting lid over the pan. Keep a close eye on it. The toppings soon warm through the the cheese begins to melt. (About 8-10 mins) The tortilla crisps up. Perfect pizza.


If we are feeling the need for something sweet, sometimes we succumb to temptation and buy chocolate. Normally though we cope with a piece of fruit or some home made yoghurt, cheese and biscuits or wine, or both!!