Good Food On The Move

Hello Friends and Followers,

You will find in the accompanying pages a compilation of recipes prepared on Linea, our live-aboard yacht. (A Bavaria 430 Lagoon, 1992).

I have selected our favourites for flavour, nutrition and in some cases, economy.  Primarily though, they are favourites to prepare in a limited space, with only a few pans and burners.  I hope that they prove to be useful even if you are not living your life from a tent, camper, barge or boat!

Certainly, the recipes are straightforward, and the results good and wholesome.  In addition, my largely ‘one pot’ philosophy means that there is minimal washing up that might deplete your precious water supplies.

The very nature of life on the move means that sometimes there is no supermarket, shop or restaurant nearby and sustenance has to be provided from what is in stock.  It’s good to have a tasty meal that can be rustled up at a moment’s notice, to help keep up energy levels and morale.

I supplement fresh victuals with good quality dried and convenience foods.  That might mean opening a tin or two, using pre-packed and prepared goodies and even the odd jar or sachet!  I am not trying to achieve a Michelin Star here.  I am aiming to produce a tasty, hearty meal, relatively quickly, that can be enjoyed after a day’s adventuring, whether that be on the water, by the beach, in the hills or on the road. 

Good food on the move and occasionally at a rakish angle!