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We are aiming to spend much of the summer in the Aegean cruising the Greek coast and islands. To get there we decided to be extravagant and transit the Corinth canal rather than sail around the Peloponnese. The canal transit is the most expensive per mile in the world, luckily it’s only 3.2 miles long.

We had a great sail down the Gulf of Patras and Gulf of Corinth, passing under the Rion-Andirrion suspension bridge, at 2.2 kms long this is the longest cable-stayed in the world. After a stop in in the wonderful town of Galaxidhi and a trip to Delphi we arrived in Corinth to transit the canal.

In ancient times ships were dragged across the isthmus, which must have been a challenge as the canal cuts through a large hill. On the 13th May we were up early and ready to transit with about a dozen other yachts. The video below gives you a feel for the amazing engineering achievement that the canal is.

11 thoughts on “Video – Corinth canal transit”

  1. Looks amazing and can’t believe how fast you can all scoot around that boat Loving the blog. Enjoy the summer – jealous of your adventures ahead!
    Love Bridget

  2. I’m not good on geography or ancient towns. Please supply a map! I don’t even know which country or sea you are in….. xxx

  3. It looks fantastic
    Will hopefully catch up when we get across there in a month or so

    Andy and Denise

  4. Just brilliant! No wonder you keep fit going at that speed 🙂 We’re in Fiscardo at the end of June beginning of July if you’re in the area.

  5. Just looked on the map & realised we will be on the wrong side of Greece! Haha and I did Geography! Shame 😢 Have a fabulous summer Xx

  6. Love the way your jackets come on and off to the music. Charlie Chaplin eat your heart out.

  7. Dear Sara and Ian,
    Wow this is an amazing trip – you guys look professional!
    We are trying to make pl’ans for the summer and wondered if you are open for a visit? We are thinking in the last week of August but just a few nights, if there is any time in that last week that works.
    If no good then please let us know if there is any time would suit you?
    Hope Daggert’s having fun
    Elaine & David xx

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