Communication with the Vice Admiral

After our recent frustrating experience in Symi, I took the time to vent my feelings by writing a letter of complaint , by e-mail, to the Vice Admiral of the Hellenic Coastguard and the Port Authority.  In it I explained our situation and outlined why we felt cross about virtually being hijacked in Symi.  I suggested that the organisation was too bound by rules, bureaucracy, rubber-stamping and back-covering.

Today, I received a reply.  hand delivered from the Port Authority of Rhodes office.

The gentleman brought a folder full of papers.  I was handed a hard copy of the Vice Admiral’s reply – rubber-stamped and signed.

I had to sign a paper to confirm my receipt of the reply.

I ask you….Is it just me?

I attach the letters here.

Letter to the Hellenic Coast Guard August 2018 4

The Vice Admiral’s rubber-stamped reply. Delivered by hand in hard copy!
Three rubber- stamps are visible.


8 thoughts on “Communication with the Vice Admiral”

    1. Love to know what the reply letter stated. Can you get a Rhodian to translate. Bet it’s full of bluster about rules being rules. There are very good reasons for the rules but have absolutely no idea what they might be. Didn’t get to being Vice Admiral by applying common sense you know

    2. Just as we thought, it is a statement of the rules as they were applied. Obviously, there is no room for applying logic to our situation. No mention my actual complaint about organisational culture, rubber stamping, bureaucracy etc. Made me laugh to receive a response confirming my criticisms!

    1. Yes. Used a very clever app. But already knew it was a back-covering “I followed the rules as laid out…” kind of response!

  1. Well Done Sarah ! Wow. It would appear that your nut cracked the hammer!

    Much love and fair winds now!

    Debs xxxx

    1. Not sure about that Debs. It did confirm my suspicions about the rubber stamping and officialdom that persists in Greece even today!

  2. O right! I misunderstood. At least they have rubber stamped this hugely important agreement tho. This could be a very valuble asset in future negotiations of any kind! A Rubber Stamp from An Admiral !!!

    Lots of love

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