Ceuta to Mallorca Part 3

Planning for our longest single trip yet…and knowing that we had David Heane, maiden voyager extraordinaire, arriving to assist once more, we intended to provision at the nearby Mercadona supermarket.  Unfortunately, it took us hours and miles of walking due to catching the wrong bus!

Anyway, we finally arrived back at the boat (by taxi) and unloaded just in time for David’s arrival. Before any beers could be opened we had a serious job to complete.  The fitting of the fog horn.   (Foghorn, Leghorn!).  David and I

View from the top
View from the top

hauled Ian up the mast to the first set of spreaders, a second time so he could fit the refurbished fog horn.  But this time he also wanted to be pulled all the way to the top of the mast so that he could inspect it completely.  A lot of effort for David.  I was on the safety lines.


Job done!

Beers were opened but not too much as we had to be up at 0430 to leave enough time to get to Ibiza so we could rendezvous with Angela.

We negotiated the busy fishing area outside Altea.  By sunrise we had passed most of the fishing craft around us.  We had a good days sailing, even Genevieve made an appearance but she broke her shackle around the bowsprit so had to be put away again!  But whilst she was up, we saw dolphins on about three occasions.  Large pods of them that came to play around the bow.  It was fantastic to see them.  We arrived in San Antonio, Ibiza at about 1730.  Our first impressions were good.

We were tied up in a nice space near the toilets and the Capitania.  David and I had put the boat to bed before Captain Moulding came back from booking in, with his free handy zippable folder, useful lanyard and, most importantly, drinks vouchers.

We spruced ourselves up and set off for the bar.  Three beers and three cavas later we headed back to the boat for dinner.   Next day, would be a quick hop round the island to Sant Miquel where we were to pick up Angela.

We arrived early afternoon and anchored over sand.

Sant Miguel anchorage
Sant Miguel anchorage

We took the dinghy to the beach to suss it out and peruse the menu of a beach front restaurant – possibly one of the the most expensive ever! And then we were back at the boat for tea.   Sleep by 2130 so that we would have a few hours kip before Angela arrived from her flight to Ibiza.  The boys got up to go and collect her from the beach. The taxi driver was most perturbed to be leaving her alone on the beach at 0130.  She assured him that the lights heading to shore were indeed coming to collect her.

We were up and at ’em by 0500 hrs and off to Mallorca in a very wallowy sea; whether motoring or sailing.  We made fair progress.  Mostly motoring because of the swell.  We arrived in Andratx in the afternoon and parked on the floating pontoon stern to next to a friendly Frenchman.  No sign of the Ports IB marineros so we set off to the bar and were delighted to meet the gang from T’Shire.  The Daggets and The Vyvyans.  How special!

We had made it!  790 miles over the course of 7 weeks.  They had provided the incentive to arrive at a certain place by a certain time and we had done it!


7 thoughts on “Ceuta to Mallorca Part 3”

  1. And what a joy it was to see you – looking so tanned and relaxed too, even after all your adventures. Gap years should be on prescription!

  2. Great read as ever Sarah and as always I am reading it prior to my weekend bike ride! Keep the blogs coming – loving them xx

  3. Sarah and Ian
    Well done you two! We love your posts and updates. Just got back from Lanzarote and every time we saw sails in the distance thought of you both on your adventures. J and D x

  4. Fantastic Sarah and Ian. You are sounding very professional now – a real air of calm about it all – but still so exciting. Cannot wait to join you. Will PM you to pin down details nearer the time, but we’ve booked a place in Sardinia in friends for the week after being onboard with you, but since we’re driving from Geneva, we still have some flexibility for meeting you around the 9/10 July. Will just need to decide at some point whether we should book the car ferry from Genoa to Sardinia to meet you there or whether we will be driving somewhere for the meet….Big hugs Alison

  5. Fantastic read as ever, love hearing about your adventure. We’re off to Kefalonia next weekend, think it would need to be full speed ahead to see us there though! Enjoy yourselves, sending lots of love X x

  6. Great writing Sarah.
    Keep it up.
    Special request from all of us amateur yachtsmen – I’d like you to explain what you do in reality when planning one of your day passages (not what you’re meant to do – what you really do)! Checking the weather, using charts vs chart plotters, logging your position, etc.
    I’d find that really interesting – and useful.
    PS We arrive in Puerta de Pollenca on Monday 23rd around 1pm. Not planning on cycling that day. Pick up the bikes the following morning. What are your plans that week? It would be great to catch up.

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