Brudenell Girls’ Reunion 2019

Those of us that could, gathered at Kim Deane’s house in Leeds for the weekend of 15th August. The same weekend that Ed Sheeren happened to be in town doing a couple of massive gigs in Roundhay park.

Kim was very giddy about Ed coming to town so she invited him round to join us for a cuppa and a chat.

So nice of Ed to pop in for a cuppa and a chat

It was such fun to see Kim Deane, Sheena Cameron and Clare Hughes. Trish Willis couldn’t make it as she was supporting her son Jack as he competed for England in Hungary, and Anne Walker was on GrandParent duty.

Sheen, Ed and me

We had time to go into town and marvel at the moderisation and trendiness of the city centre;

go to do a drive by of Brudenell Avenue; go up to Beckett Park to see the old Alma Mater; and have a constitutional around Roundhay Park.

Of course, we ate well and drank plenty and had such a giggle, naturally.

How can it be 36 years since we were all at college together? Seemed like yesterday!

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