Brac Island and up north

Rain coming thick and fast!

After receiving Paddy’s phone call we decided to hang out in the wonderful anchorage Northeast of Rogoznica until Paddy and Louis arrived.  This superbly protected anchorage is great because you are still so close to all the facilities you may need whilst being protected all round from any weather; which was just as well since a series of summer storms had been forecast.

Rain heading our way NE of Rogoznica

Hey ho! 

We were enjoying a quiet few days despite there being not many other boats around us.  One evening Ian spotted a nearby yacht having trouble with their anchor.  He went off to help them and was promptly asked over for a beer.

We were pleased to have some company and had a pleasant evening with Reinhart and Racine on Cisma.

We prepped the boat for visitors, giving everything a good clean and we enjoyed a couple of walks around the headlands. 

On the Saturday we had a wet and windy dinghy ride to shore to re-supply our dwindling stocks of wine, beer and food and then it was simply a matter of waiting the arrival later that evening of my brill brother and his youngest son, the lovely Louis.  

As forecast, the storm arrived and the downpour was so heavy that I was able to have a leisurely rainwater shower in the cockpit. 

All clean and fresh after my al fresco shower.


At 2030h we tried to start the dinghy engine but it was very damp after the deluge and was feeling temperamental.  Finally, we got it going and went ashore.  We walked up to the main road literally EXACTLY at the same time that Paddy and Louis’ taxi was driving past!  Perfect!  We walked the 50m back to the shore and took them out to Linea where Louis promptly enjoyed his first swim of the week.

How kind to bring our favourites…plus gin!!!

Next day, all that remained to do was go to the fuel dock to fill up with diesel and water. 

THe first half of the week with Paddy and Louis.

This we duly did and soon we were sailing at a jaunty angle towards Otok Zlarin, Uvala Magarna, which was to be our first anchorage with them. Needless to say, I was happy that they volunteered to take the lines ashore.

We enjoyed some snorkelling here and found no less than eight star fish, the most we have ever seen in one spot, and some tiny electric blue fish.

Next day, we had a short sail to Prvic where we were to meet up with Andrew Geddes on Genial Bee.  The second Cruising Association member we have met since being in Croatia. Together with Andrew, we all walked over to Sepurine Bay to sample the beer and then we enjoyed a fish supper in a restaurant in Prvic.

The sign says, ‘Anchorage’ in Croatian so why were we asked to move??

After our educational visit to the Faust Vrancic museum in Prvic in the morning we were enjoying a coffee on the sea front when we saw the Kapitaneria arrive in their RIB.  They told the Norwegian boat anchored near us that if they didn’t move immediately they would be liable to be fined 7000 Euros!!!!  They moved!

So did we!

Next stop, a lovely anchorage off a nudist camp site on Murter.  It certainly kept Louis entertained!

It should have been a two tack sail north to Sv. Ante on Pasman, but the wind was playing silly buggers and so it was taking rather longer than expected.  Great practice for the crew though. We anchored in a lovely bay, villas with private jetties ashore, and enjoyed a quiet night.

The calm before the storm?

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