Back to the Boatyard

Nereus Boatyard Rhodes featuring Terence Conran’s speed boat.

Penny, Alison and Keira all headed off on the weekend of the 9th September.   We went back to the boat on the hard in dusty Rhodes.

It’s a strange feeling living on a boat balanced three metres up in the air.  Although you do get a bird’s eye view of all the comings and goings in the ferry terminal and can see all the cruise ships docking opposite.

Mr Ilias, Mr Chalkitis and me

Some boatyards don’t allow you to live aboard whilst your boat is on the hard but here it is no problem.  There are basic facilities in the yard (with hot water!); as long as you don’t mind shinning up and down a ladder to go to the loo in the night.

Mrs Chalkitis and me

We are about twenty minutes’ walk from the old part of Rhodes and shops are near at hand.  Mr and Mrs Chalkitis, the owners and Mr Ilias, the boatyard manager, are delightful and we have enjoyed meeting them.  We even have our own private beach so have been for a few dips in the sea as long as the boat yard hasn’t been antifouling any boats in the previous few days, as all the waste water drains off into the sea!

Before polishing

Whilst we waited for the spare parts we set about polishing the hull and top sides.  Not an easy job in the heat.  A thin layer of dust has settled on the boat and all this had to washed off before we could begin to shine her up.  We were proud of our efforts and then the yard pressure-washed a boats of its antifoul immediately up wind of us so everything was covered in a thin coating of blue! Grrr!

After and with polishing kit.

On Monday 17th September the brand new sail drive arrived fresh from the Volvo factory and it was carefully hoisted in to the boat and fitted by Mr Thomaz Kalligas.  (The Best mechanic in the Mediterranean – he reassuringly informed us.)

Mr Tomaz Kalligas and the new Volvo sail drive.

Ably assisted by Kamel, the new gear box was soon in place, however, the bracket needed to fit the sail drive to the engine was not there.  Also the flange that was supposed to be completely compatible with our engine turned out not to be so.  After a few adjustments, we had to use the old one instead.

The necessary bracket had to be ordered from Volvo and would be with us in a couple of days.  (Why nobody thought to tell us that this was an essential piece of kit for fitting the sail drive, we have still to get to the bottom of.)

The part was flown in on Wednesday and fitted.  We were finally ready to go back in the water but the weather had other ideas, as strong winds were forecast to be blowing right into the slips for the next couple of days.

The new, old original Volvo never used prop. The Max Prop has gone off to be serviced.

We have finally heard back from our insurance company.  Unfortunately, they are unable to uphold our claim for accidental damage saying that the sail drive was broken by corrosion.  Therefore, NONE of our expenses have been covered by the insurance policy  (except for the initial tow to safety) which is a bitter blow, and will definitely have an impact on our cruising future.

Ian proud of his newly polished top sides.

7 thoughts on “Back to the Boatyard”

  1. Sad to say, it would have been a real stretch for the insurers to pay out on this and lets face it – premiums are reasonable when compared to cars.

    Things in the sea wear out and sometimes wear out fast – especially the many metalled saildrive.

    Hopefully our courses will continue to cross and we look forward to consoling you next season with a cold glass or two!!

    1. Hi Steve,
      Yes, but it was such a catastrophic failure that we thought it
      must have been something round the prop. The engineers did find some fishing line in there but, although they thought that that could have been the cause of the failure, the surveyor clearly thought otherwise. We had the entire gearing system replaced the previous September (2017) by Volvo engineers in Syros, Greece, so that is why we thought it must have been a rope coz surely the gears should last more than 10 months????

      What we have realised that we are quite resourceful and have had some amazing friends from the yachting community give us good practical advice to get us out of a jam. Albeit, an expensive one!

      Commiserating over a glass of wine would be good.

      Where have you guys been this year?

      Kind regards
      Sarah and Ian

      1. Hi Sarah and Ian,
        Wow, that was unlucky for you, a very short lived saildrive indeed. Definitely out of the ordinary – rebuild workmanship perhaps?
        We started in Balestrate, north Sicily, visited the Egadi’s again and had a few weeks along Sicily’s south coast as far as Syracuse. Uneventful except for a cyclone in Sciacca – the marina staff would not even let us stay on board for 3 days! In the end it was fine but evidence all around of previous surge / storm damage.
        We had a good weather window for a fast sail to Cephalonia and spent the next couple of months gently toddling around the Ionian – it was blissful!
        We came home in July( with Miss A tucked up in Preveza) and enjoyed the British summer.
        We will be back out in April and hope we meet up again soon.
        Fair winds Steve & Judes

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