Alone again- naturally

Looking at the weather and wind for the next few days we decided we would be able to have a great sail south back to the Gulf of Volos which we had by-passed earlier in the week.  Indeed, it was a gorgeous day and the wind was perfect.  We had been sailing for about twenty minutes when Ian went to check the charts.  I was on watch and had a good look around thinking how nice it is to be sailing and not to have the tractor engine interrupting the peace and quiet of the open seas.  Not even the slapping of the dinghy could be heard as it chased along behind us.

I turned to check the dinghy. GONE!

Shouting for Ian I explained that the dinghy had escaped again.

‘Dinghy’s gone!’  I said as directly and simply as I could.

‘Where?’ Ian responded, rather unnecessarily, I thought at the time.

‘Back there,’ I explained as precisely as I could, under the circumstances.

‘Right, go and set a course back along our track but slightly to the right and then get on those ‘knockers and see if you can spot it.’

Houdini, the naughty dinghy.

No sooner said than done!  I could see the miscreant dancing along the waves about a mile or so away.  If it had had arms, it would have been waving vees at us from each hand.  Two other yachts were already heading towards it.  Would they take it hostage?  Quick!  Gun the engine!

With only the loss of one particularly useless boat hook whose handle came right off in my hand when I grabbed the dinghy, we managed to get the beggar back and firmly tied on to the back cleat with a safety loop that even Houdini couldn’t have got out of. Without further incident or insubordination we anchored in a quiet bay in the south east corner of the Gulf of Volos. Now, we are on holiday!

3 thoughts on “Alone again- naturally”

  1. Hilarious!!!! A similar thing happened to Charles with a trailer at hartlington fencing! Luckily it had come off in the yard! But he’d got to burns all before he noticed!
    Also you’ll be pleased to know normal weather service has resumed in Wharfedale so you’re certainly better off in Volos.
    (Don’t forget to email those dates)! Xx

  2. I guess you were/are somewhere near the Sunsail base in Milina then? Had a couple of great weeks in the Sporades from there. Lovely place to be. Have fun.

  3. Just saw your boat in Patitiri and looked up your website. Lovely boat and wishing you happy and safe sailing in the Sporades. Our favourites are Kiri Panayia, Kokinokastro and Panormos on Skopelos.
    Kalo Taxidhi!

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