A winter in Val d’Isere

Our first winter season is drawing to a close. It’s been hard work but mostly great fun with just the sadness of my dad passing away mid-season putting a dampener on the winter. We are already contemplating another season, will it be Val d’Isere or shall we try another resort? Perhaps St Anton. No doubt a topic that will be discussed frequently over the coming months.
We have a couple of weeks skiing left, the conditions are fantastic, but our thoughts are now turning to the summer and our sailing adventures. Work that should have been carried out on the boat whilst away hasn’t been done so we will probably have to spend some time in a boat yard at some point but essential purchases, and a few non essential, have been made and it’s all getting very exciting. There are several days work to get Linea ready for sea but the aim is to depart Sicily around 1 May, head east to Kephalonia, through the Corinth canal and on into the Aegean.
I recently came across the Bryan Adams track “18 til I die” which gave me an idea for a little video montage of our season, here you go……

14 thoughts on “A winter in Val d’Isere”

  1. I bloody love this! Have a great last couple of weeks and we look forward to catching a from a Greek Isle!

  2. Fantastic Ian and Sarah! ?
    Well done, now to sunnier parts.
    Try The Gastein Valley in Austria next Winter! Great range of skiing in a large valley. Spa based resorts.
    Lots of love,
    Debs xxxx

  3. Bloody fantastic video guys. It was such fun seeing you. Hope to see you on the ocean soon too. Take care xxx

  4. Great video Ian. Sorry to hear about your Dad. We were in Skipton last week and met a friend of yours from Linton – Nigel Brown. Small world. Take care and love to Sarah. Happy Sailing. xx

  5. Wonderful, don’t know how you’ve been so close and we haven’t seen you. I’m busy teaching the French to speak English so that the bloomin’ English won’t have to speak French. Mad about ze languages.

    Got time for a few days rest in the real val d’Isère, down below?

  6. Thank you so much for that you two that put a big smile on my face before work!! Hope to catch up soon Tons of love to both of you xxxx

  7. Ha ha absolutely brilliant, Ian! Really enjoyed the film. I now know how to clean a loo properly – thanks Sarah. One needs to do a bit of a shimmy with the bog brush in hand obviously. Enjoy the rest of your stay and once again I look forward to your oceanic adventures
    Lots of love Michele xxxx

  8. What a great video – shows you guys to be full of life & energy – very skilled in film too. Looking forward to seeing you soon

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