A poem about all the worrying noises (for Sarah) on the boat

CAla del bollo

What’s that noise?
It’s tins sliding in the lockers;
The mast creaking at its base;
The headsail sheet a-clanging;
Wind whistling, as we gain pace.
It’s the bilge pump pumping water
From the gap beneath the floor.
The sound of wood a-knocking;
Someone’s not pinned back a door.
It’s the loose lines that are clanking,
They just need pulling tight.
The turbine making ‘lectric
That we need to power our lights.
It’s the engines and the thrusters
And the noisy anchor chains
Of other boats around us
That are causing you dismay.
It’s the whistle of the kettle
Saying it’s time to make a brew.
It’s the chugging auto pilot
As it does the work for you.
It’s the fish nibbling at the hull,
The coral crackling below.
The large blue straps vibrating,
On the dinghy; don’t you know?
It’s the radio that has static
when there’s much chatter between
Boat owners and marinas,
And more sailors, yet unseen.
It’s water coming from t’engine
That’s cooling it as we drive.
It’s good to hear that splashing
‘coz the impeller’s alive.
It’s children shrieking on the beach
People having such a lark,
I wonder why they choose to be
Where we decide to park?
It’s the Man Over Board alarm,
It alerts me if you fall,
And the smoke alarm detects
Vapours that are abnormaal.
It’s the breathing of the dolphins
As they come along to play.
Your screams, clicks and shouts of glee
mean you scare them far away
It’s ‘Drag Queen’, the anchor alarm
making noise that’ll wake the dead.
It’s just as well; we’ll hear it!
When we are asleep in bed!

So safe to say, no worries,
noises are quite the norm
As we get used to Linea;
She’ll care for us in a storm!

6 thoughts on “A poem about all the worrying noises (for Sarah) on the boat”

  1. Lovely lapping words!
    You paint a lovely pictute with this poem, peace and tranquility at sea,
    I wonder, next week, where will you be?
    Linea’s bow pointing to a far off land,
    Where you can be still in the sand.

    Much love, xxxx

  2. Great poem Ian. It’s amazing how many different noises boats make – and how unnerving some of them are! Keep writing.

    1. Thanks Nick! But I wrote it, not Ian! Don’t think we’ll make it so far north. Will be heading back towards Sicily. Hope you enjoyed Corsica. Have a good sail! Love to all s x

  3. Sounds like you need some ears plugs.? What a wonderful experience you are having. Sit back and enjoy the ride, the boat is just talking and telling you that life’s good. Xx

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