Val D’Isere – December 2016

We have had a busy time since the beginning of the season what with training, snow clearing,mammoth shopping trips, cleaning and more cleaning.

me, Rhodri, Sam and Annabel 


















It was our first full day off from our chalet hosting and so we skied over to Tignes to meet up with Erin, who was working at the Saloon Bar.  It was so lovely to see her.

She ski-guided us all around Tignes and lastly to The Underground Bar where we met up Charlie Lowe, also working in Tignes, whom we have known since she was eight!

On the Sunday, we were given a half day off so decided to meet Erin again.  We were just skiing down the Grand Motte…skiing beautifully, I must say!  When I fell head over heals, and then some!  They do say pride comes before a fall!

I don’t remember anything about how it happened or much of the following few hours as I had banged my head hard.   I recall that my thumb was very painful though.

Apparently I had no idea that I was in France working or that Erin was also there.  Ian was very concerned when I asked for the hundredth time what she was doing with us!

After a check up at the medical centre I was pronounced well enough to go home.  However, I had been equipped with a cast for my broken thumb!

Just as Ian was paying the bill at the medical centre he turned around to put his ski boots back on and realised that they were no longer there.  It turned out that another patient had picked them up in error.  Luckily, someone had seen a Ski World rep helping the other patient and Ian’s boots into an ambulance.

Equipped with nifty paper over shoes from the medical centre we walked into Tignes 1850 and headed to the Underground Bar for some food.  Charlie heard the story about Ian’s walkabout ski boots and pronounced that she knew the Ski World rep and would immediately chase him to get his boots back. This she duly did and Ian’s boots arrived back within the hour! Thanks Charlie”

We headed back to Val in the bus and I collapsed into bed and slept for twelve hours straight.

Next day, was another shopping day for the chalet, which only took five hours this time.

It did mean, though, that I could complete some personal shopping, too. I bought a turkey and all the trimmings for our own Christmas lunch which we planned to share with Erin, Charlie and some of our new colleagues.

Later in the week, we went to Tignes on the bus to collect our skis and boots, etc., and skied back,  I was a little nervous and was quite relieved when we returned home safely.

We had a full day off later in the week and skied over to Le Fornet which is a huge area further up the valley.   It was beautiful.  Luckily, my broken thumb isn’t preventing me from skiing, although I must be careful.

Another week has whizzed by in a blur of sore feet, coughs, sniffles and dry, chapped hands.  God knows how our younger colleagues have the energy to go out to the small hours as well!  Routines are becoming easier and we are working well as a team.

There is no denying that it is hard work.  This coming week we have no guests!!!  We are to be re-deployed to other chalets, but should have some  more time off.

We need it, we’ve earned it and, by gum, we will really enjoy it!