Ten Top Tips – Steps to sailing off into the Blue Yonder

On Sunday morning we were looking at a map of the world and Ian mooted the possibility of us buying a yacht and sailing off round the world.  Clearly not expecting me to agree to this mad cap scheme, his face was a picture when he heard me agree.

So I have put together a list of Top Ten Tips as to the steps we took to help the plan come into fruition.

Boat under sail

1. Tell everybody you know what it is that you intend to do, then it’s more difficult to back out.

2. Start detailed research as to the type of yacht you want and need and compile a spreadsheet of all the features of ones you like.  Visit a few that seem to fit the bill and start eliminating the ones that don’t match up to your criteria.

2. Start downsizing some of the clutter of life.

3. Sort out what you will do with pets.  Either plan to take them or re-house them.   In our case we had a few hens who we sent on an extended holiday to kind farming friends.

4. Finally get round to finishing those household jobs and repairs that you have been putting up with and putting off. Continue reading Ten Top Tips – Steps to sailing off into the Blue Yonder